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Now Hiring: Tips to find the right people 

Over the years you've worked hard to build your reputation and increase your client base. When you are looking to hire someone to represent your business, you are essentially trusting them with your reputation, and that's why it's critical to hire the right person. 

Hiring someone with the skills, values and talent to join your team can be time-consuming and even a bit of a headache. However, hiring the wrong person can cost you money, time and possibly your reputation and jobs.  

Here are some critical questions to ask before hiring: 

  1.  Are you hiring for a current skill set or are you looking to expand the services you offer and therefore need to hire someone with new skill sets for your growing business? 
  1. What values and work ethic are important to you? Make sure that the person you hire shares these values as they will be in front of your customers representing your brand. 
  1. What level of customer service do you expect from your employees? Set the bar high and be clear with your expectations. 
  1. Be proactive – Don't hire when you're under the gun during the busy season. You have a better selection to choose from when you look for candidates in the offseason. 


The following tips can help you make the hiring process a bit easier so you can find the best candidate possible to join your team. 

  1.  Prepare an effective job description
  1.  Use recruitment tools – Social media, online job boards, word of mouth.
  1. Screen applicants – You can email or call people to ask for more information to help you decide if you want to interview them.  
  1.  Interview the best candidates – During the interview, you can confirm the candidates' qualifications,  determine if the job matches their expectation and see if they fit in with your company culture. 
  1. Offer the job 






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