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April e-News

April 14, 2021

Top trends in decks and fencesOutdoor living continues to boom, in part due to the pandemic and homeowners spending more time at home than ever before. The demand for new or updated decks and fences is not expected to slow down anytime soon. Here are 3 decking trends for 2021 to help you prepare for the busy season:1. High-quality composites at lower price points. Many homeowners want to upgrade from wood to low-maintenance composite decking...

March e-News

March 29, 2021

Don't let your guard down: Top 3 safety measures to keep your crew safe Top 3 safety tips to keep your crew safe in the fight against COVID-19 It is hard to believe a year ago, many of us weren't using masks or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) yet, but COVID-19 changed our day-to-day lives. A year into the pandemic, many are facing fatigue with dealing with the virus. Still, it is crucial to remember how to keep your employees safe on the j...

February e-News

February 19, 2021

Top 3 resources to help your employees cope with stress during the pandemic The construction industry faced significant workplace health, safety and well-being challenges even before the problems generated by Covid-19. In the construction industry, the number two cause of death among men 19 – 54 is suicide, after cancer.* Mental health is important and should be prioritized as highly as other safety precautions like wearing a hard hat. Poll shows str...

January e-News

January 13, 2021

Renos to create multi-purpose spaces for homeowners Each year brings with it new reno trends your clients will be asking you to build. After last year, when people stayed at home more than ever before (and still are), home renos continue their strong growth with no end in sight. Here are the reno trends that are new or still popular for 2021: Developing basements – Homeowners are looking to expand their space because they are spendin...

December e-News

December 22, 2020

Fresh colours your clients will want in 2021   Each year brings with it a variety of colour trends and new colour palettes that will influence what your customers want to spruce up the look of their home through paint, siding, and more. After a tumultuous 2020, many are looking to put on a fresh coat of paint to brighten their homes. What's new in paint for 2021 –  PANTONE recently announced two colours of the year for 2021: PANTON...

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