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March 2014 - Price vs. Quality

March 4, 2014

Price and quality are the two main components people look at when planning a project. If the budget is tight then one’s decision might be based on best price. Someone who had a bad experience with a poor quality product that needs replacing may base the decision on quality. Finding out the right information about the products you are buying is a great start to purchasing the right product for you at the right price. Decking Whether you plan to do...

Alberta leads canada through the next wave

February 25, 2014

BuildForce Canada's 2014-2023 Construction and Maintenance Looking Forward forecast says oilsands growth will continue to fuel Alberta's residential and commercial construction industry. Read more

December - 2013 eNews

December 5, 2013

Renovation and Small Upgrades... With the holidays fast approaching, home owners start looking at renovations and small upgrades to get their homes ready for the holidays and for the New Year. Did you know your local building materials dealer can supply you with more than just building materials? Here are a few different categories for you to check out. ...

Creating partnerships makes business sense

November 28, 2013

Creating partnerships makes business sense – by Ian Burns Five Tips for Better Partnerships Do your due diligence before partnering up. Do a couple of jobs before you make it ‘permanent.' Have a legal partnership agreement. Bringing a friend into your business is risky. Hiring part-time support people might be better. It's a common scenario. A tradesperson make...

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